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Dunun Drum Workshop with Mabiba Baegne

Workshop at 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Tickets are $20 



Come play dunun drums from Guinea with Mabiba Baegne - founder of Lokole, an organiztion that helps teach and preserve the Congolese culture through dance and music. Mabiba has danced, taught, and choreographed all over the world. 

DUNUN (BASS DRUMS) FROM GUINEA are the heart of the Malinke rhythm: the bass drum are made from hallowed tree trunks cut to a cylindrical shape and covered with cowhide at both end: the musician strikes the drum with a wooden stick on one hand, while the other hand simultaneously holds a metal stick that is used to strike an iron bell attached to the drum.  

The Dunun comes in three different sizes. The names of the drums are: Kenkeni, the smallest and the keeper of the time; Sangban, the middle one is the heart; Dununba gives power and heat to the rhythm as well adding great rhythmic dimension; the bells bring another tonality and fill the space between the beats. In some regions they play one or two. Only in Kurussa and Kankan region, they play all tree Dununs and bells. 

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