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Tango Revelation Milonga

Doors at 7:30 pm; Dance Lesson with Pablo y Ludmila at 8 pm; Milonga at 9 pm

*Tickets Available at the Door

Tickets are $10 Students and Seniors / $15 General Admission

This is the test-run and soft opening of our new Milonga.  Please, come to support this new endeavor! Stay tuned for more info on the Opening Night Gala on October 15! Tonight you can take the class, watch a dance performance and listen to the live Tango music of PABLO Y LUDMILAa young couple of Tango musicians/dancers from Berlin, Germany.


8-9pm: All level technique class (close embrace & pivots) with guest teachers Pablo Y Ludmila visiting from Berlin, Germany

9pm-12am: Milonga with danceable traditional Tango Live music by Pablo Y Ludmila and DJ Alex Zeyliger

9:45pm & 11pm: Live music sets by Pablo (piano) Y Ludmila (violin)

10:30pm: Dance Performance by Pablo Y Ludmila

*This is a fragrance-free event.


Pablo Fernández Gómez & Ludmila Srnková are both professional musicians and tango dancers. They studied music at the University of Music and Perfoming Arts (MDW) in Vienna, Austria and improved as tango dancers in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They are the first and only couple in the entire world that dances tango and also plays music as a Tangoduo (Piano & C-violin).

In October 2013, Pablo & Ludmila won the 1st prize and the Viewers´ Choice award at the International Open Tango Salon Championship in Budapest, Hungary.

They have also performed and taught tango in Chile, Argentina, Canada, USA, Germany,Austria, Switzerland, France, Montenegro, Czech Rep. and Hungary.

Click HERE to listen to Pablo y Ludmila perform a tango and click HERE to watch the duo dance the Argentine Tango

Tango Revelation Milonga is a social Argentine Tango dance gathering on the second Sunday of every other month (with some exceptions). It is led by award-winning Tango teacher Sonja Riket, who teaches at Ashkenaz since 2008. This Milonga series includes a dance class, dance performances and live music by local and international Tango guest artists.

Argentine Tango was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Montevideo, Uruguay in the late 1880’s as a dance and music of immigrants.  Grown into a worldwide phenomenon, it continues to cross the boundaries of race, culture, language and social status.  It encourages the spontaneous inclusion of music and dance in our everyday life as a communal experience.

In 2017, this event evolves out of the “Tango Revolution” Milonga, which began in 2005 at Café Revolution in SF’s Mission District , then found a home at Café Trieste Downtown SF from 2007-2012 (with the Tango Revolution Orchestra) and at Berkeley’s Café Mediterraneum from 2012-2016.

With a slight change of name to “Tango Revelation”, we continue to envision Argentine Tango as a relational matrix of connection to ourselves, each other and our world.

We offer the beautiful connection between human beings in the Tango Embrace as a common language and antidote against the isolation, separation and fearful existence we are led to believe is necessary.  To complement our screen-oriented lives, we need to slow down, rediscover the joy of body-based expressions and create live gathering places among ourselves in a spirit of harmony and well-being!

What better way to come home to ourselves and connect with each other across our differences than the non-verbal power of a music and dance embrace, listening and moving together as one?  Come find out what Tango can reveal to you!

Hosted by Sonja Riket