Global Cultures for Kids - DanceVersity

Doors at 2:30 pm; Event at 3 pm

Advance Tickets are $12 Adults / $8 Kids

Day of Show Tickets are $15 Adults / $10 Kids

Bring a Family of Four for $35

Eventbrite - Global Cultures for Kids with - Danceversity

DanceVersity has hosted a World Dance summer camp at Ashkenaz for decades.  Their contribution to our Global Culture for Kids series will be a showcase of 2 - 3 different dance styles featuring DanceVersity faculty and including student performers. Presentation will include demonstration of a piece for audience participation.

DANCEVERSITY is non-profit multicultural dance education program offering an innovative, integrated curriculum of dance, music, folk arts, costuming, and cultural studies through weekly classes, a summer camp, school programs, and performance ensemble.

DANCEVERSITY teaches youth to respect different cultures and their unique ways of relating to the world while instilling a love of dance and promoting physical fitness.

In an era of increasing global interdependence, it is essential that we provide opportunities for youth to develop cross-cultural competency. Danceversity is one such opportunity. The program serves as an important and unique resource for emerging Bay Area dancers, while providing appealing physical fitness alternatives to young people. One of the strongest elements of the DanceVersity program is its inclusion of diverse forms of the greater Middle East, allowing young people a personal experience that honors the complexities and differences amongst cultural groups that are often narrowly defined. Rather than being limited to any particular area of the world however, the DanceVersity program is inclusive. The curriculum encompasses regions as diverse as Southeast Asia, South America, Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean.