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Throat Singing Workshop with Altai Kai

Workshop from 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Tickets are $40


Here is your chance to learn the ancient art of throat singing from the world renowned members of Altai Kai. Our teachers, Urmat Yntaev, Alash Topchin, Eduard Sognokov, and Aidyn Orsulov have been recognized as masters of throat singing, and the group holds the Guinness World Record for the longest performance of throat singing. In this two-hour introductory workshop students will be split into small groups and cover the main techniques and styles of throat singing, including khoomei, sygyt, and kargyraa. All ages and skill levels are welcome.


Urmat Yntaev

Mr. Yntaev has been recognized as a People’s Throat Singer (“Kaichy”) of the Altai Republic. He is the grandson of Anisiya Beleeva, a prominent female throat singer who lived to be 102. In 1997, Mr. Yntaev founded the ensemble Karaty-Khan, and in 2000 renamed it to Altai Kai. He is the producer and artistic director of Altai Kai, as well as the organizer of an annual throat singing festival called Altyn-Taiga, and the annual Altai Festival of World Music. He is an undisputed master of multiple styles of throat singing, but he says his favorite style of throat singing is tumchuk-kargyraa. In 2017, Mr. Yntaev celebrated twenty years as a professional throat singer.

Alash Topchin

Mr. Topchin is a throat singer from the Kobok clan. He was born in Pasparta village in the Ulagan district. He is the nephew of the nationally renowned throat singer A.G. Kalkin. Since his early years, Mr. Topchin admired his uncle and always dreamed of following in his footsteps as a throat singer. Mr. Topchin has been with throat singing group Altai Kai since December 2009, and continues to follow in his uncle’s footsteps as an ambassador of Altai folk culture. Along with being a master of multiple styles of throat singing, Mr. Topchin excels at imitating the sounds of animals, and plays several traditional Altai instruments.

Eduard Sogonokov

Mr. Sogonokov is a singer from the Kobok clan. He was born in the Ulagan village of Ulagan district. After finishing school, Edward joined the Altai State Philharmonic as a soloist. He is a distinguished graduate of the Altai Republic College of Culture and Arts, where he studied vocal performance.

Aidyn Orsulov

Mr. Orsulov is from the Saal clan. He was born in Ulagan village in the Ulagan district of Altai Republic. He is a descendant of a long lineage of Altai throat singers, and he first began practicing traditional throat singing at the age of 12. He is especially gifted in the epic genre, and performs an epic he wrote himself as part of Altai Kai’s program. He plays different traditional Altai instruments, including the topshuur (a traditional Altai lute) and the ikili. He is a master in various styles of Altai throat singing, including kargyraa, khoomei, and sybysky.

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