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Sāmi Brothers Album Release Party with Lauren & Melita

Album release party for their new album "Ch'aska Punku"

Doors at 7:30 pm; Show at 8:00 pm

Tickets are $18 Advance / $20 at the Door

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The Sāmi Brothers are a spiritual and musical duo devoted to offering uplifting and inspiring ceremonial music. Madhu Anziani and Alexander Kugler are the sanctioned Medicine Song Carriers for the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Cross Cultural Shamanism, bridging ancient Peruvian indigenous wisdom with contemporary musical composition.  The songs they offer have been inspired by the teachings of don Oscar Miro-Quesada, a high ritualist, Kamasquero Curandero, from Peru.

Their music has been featured in the documentary film, The Roots Awaken, and they have released two studio albums, Ch'aska Punku (Star Portal) and Nuna Kallpa (Soul Power).   Listening to these albums you will hear songs in English, Spanish, Hebrew, Tibetan and Quechua (a language indigenous to Peru).  Using words from these living languages, the Sāmi Brothers write songs to enliven the ceremonies they hold in Berkeley, California, as well as to musically support the larger, global Pachakuti Mesa community. 

Alexander weaves his 15 years as an opera singer and cantorial soloist into his teaching and facilitated community prayer.  Alexander also leads people in group singing workshops to help liberate their voice and is passionate about his Men's Evolutionary Coaching work at

Madhu is a musician, ceremonialist and sound healing artist.  Through the journey of recovering from being paralyzed Madhu discovered sound as a healing modality and regularly shares his gifts in workshops and private sessions.  Check out his latest offerings at



Lauren and Melita are Bay Area  songstresses that both in their own right have for many years written songs that celebrate the sacred, the magical and the beloved.  They also both tend toward using songs as tools of healing toward the broken and the void.

For the past couple years they have collaborated in weaving their songs and their voices together to bring forth an experience that is both gentle and powerful, soothing as well as awakening.  Blending harmonies with meaningful lyrics, they create an inclusive field of prayer and depth as well as lightness and playfulness. 


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