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Chirgilchin Throat Singing Workshop

Doors at 3:00 pm; Workshop at 3:30 PM

Tickets are $40 at the Door


Here is your chance to learn the ancient art of Tuvan throat singing from the world renowned members of Chirgilchin. Our teachers, Igor Koshkendey, Mongun-ool Ondar, and Aidyn Byrtaan-ool have been recognized as masters of throat singing, and they hold multiple international throat singing awards and honors. In this two-hour introductory workshop students will be split into small groups and cover the main techniques and styles of throat singing, including khoomei, sygyt, and kargyraa. All ages and skill levels are welcome.

Instructors: Igor Koshkendey In 1998, Igor took the top prize at the International Competition of Throat Singing in Kyzyl, Tuva’s capital. During Chirgilchin’s second international tour, Igor won the Grand Prix at the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod in Llangollen, North Wales. He went on to win the International Competition of Throat Singing in Tuva again in 2002. Igor is known around the world for his mastery of multiple styles of throat singing, and especially for being the only throat singer to master the techniques first invented by legendary throat singer Vladimir Oidupaa. Today, Igor directs the Tuvan Cultural Center for traditional arts, in addition to performing with Chirgilchin. His illustrious musical career shows no sign of slowing down - in 2017 he won Best Urban Song in the Latin Grammy Awards for his collaboration with Puerto Rican musician Residente.

Mongun-ool Ondar Mongun-ool began studying throat singing at the age of 13, and went on to win the International Competition of Throat Singing at the age of 16. He is recognized as a master of all six styles of throat singing, and has developed a new style of his own. His incredible solos can express and inspire profound feelings of tragic sadness or blissful joy, with a complexity that would astound John Coltrane or Jimi Hendrix. His singing is, without a doubt, guaranteed to blow your mind.

Aidyn Byrtaan-ool Aidyn studied under the late Kongar-ool Ondar, who held the esteemed honors of People's Throat Singer of the Republic of Tuva, and Honored Artist of Russia. Under the direction of Mr. Ondar and as a member of the folk ensemble Ertine, Aidyn performed at international festivals in Germany and France, and competed in national competitions at home and abroad. Today, Aidyn is a soloist in the Tuvan National Folk Orchestra and a member of Chirgilchin. He commands a high level of professionalism in all traditional Tuvan instruments, and is a laureate of multiple international throat singing competitions and symposiums.