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All-Star Jam Benefit for Chris's Zombie Finger!

Doors at 7:30 pm; Show at 8:00 pm

Tickets are $10 & up Sliding Scale

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Our beloved Production Manager and sound engineer, Chris Miner, injured his finger (almost cut it off) a while back. He’s recovering well after a trip to the ER and then surgery to repair nerve damage, and physical therapy, but could use our help to avoid the crippling debt of quality medical care. 

The All-Star roster that has rallied to the cause to lead an eclectic evening just happens to be an incredible combination of creative musicians: Stephen Kent of Baraka Moon, The one and only "Professor Slap" Ben Isaacs, and Kevin Carnes of the Broun Fellinis.   

Stephen Kent will lead off the night with a short solo set of didgeridoo and percussion. Then we'll morph into a jam session where you'll likely hear some African grooves, that may or may not morph again and again into more and more experimental sounds, closing out with droning, transcendental soundscapes (rumor has it that Chris may participate in this final part of the evening).

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Stephen Kent

A globally acclaimed player of the ancient Australian Aboriginal didgeridoo for over 30 years Stephen Kent has pioneered its use in contemporary music across the world, collaborating with leading musicians such as Brazil's Airto Moreira, India's Zakir Hussain, Tuva’s Chirgilchin, American Indian flute legend R.Carlos Nakai and Habib Koite from Mali, to name a few. His ground breaking band projects, Baraka Moon, Trance Mission and Lights in a Fat City have received widespread acclaim. As a solo performer, touring in 5 continents, he is a virtual one-man-band, producing an extraordinary layering of sounds and grooves and creating an almost orchestral ambience with this primal instrument, accompanying himself on all manner of shakers and hand percussion on musical journeys that travel deep into the heart of the earth. A commanding storyteller to boot, his dynamic performing style is highly entertaining and he revels in inviting the audience in on the journey. Stephen is also a respected radio producer, hosting KPFA’s Music of the World (and now Off the Beaten Path) for the past 23 years. "If you're skeptical about being swept away by someone blowing through a hollowed-out tree branch you're in for a big surprise"  San Francisco Weekly.

Kevin Carnes

Kevin Carnes is an acoustic and electronic drummer, percussionist, composer, and producer who has played music ranging from jazz to punk rock for more than 25 years. He has performed and recorded with George Clinton and the P-Funk Allstars; Lady Miss Kier of Dee Lite; Matt “Dr.” Fink of Prince; and world music DJ Cheb i Sabbah. Carnes is a founding member of the jazz roots trio the Broun Fellinis, and political punk noise band The Beatnigs. Kevin composed and Music Directed the City Circus productions of Kamikaze Heart (2009) and Echo's Reach (2010) at the Brava Theater in San Francisco. Kevin has composed scores for film, radio, television, and special events including MTV’s Liquid Television and a Macy’s promotional event with his band Broun Fellinis.

Currently, Kevin can be seen performing with Broun Fellinis, Black Quarterback and Voodoo Dolly.

Ben Isaacs

Bio coming soon!

Chris Miner

Founding member of Pisces Shadow, co-founding member of the band solarminds,  solo-artist, and “psycho-sonic-shamanic-soundwave-surfer, aural astronaut, free-stylin’ feedbacker, wigged-out wah pedaling waltzer, writer, cat lover, and visionary,” Chris Miner, aka solarone, has been recording and performing since 1996 when he played in front of strangers for the first time at an open mic at Java Joe’s in Ocean Beach, CA, and in the same year self-released an untitled album on CD-R’s.  Very much inspired by his time with Dark World Inc. (now Dark World International), and the DIY ethos of Michael Gira’s Young God Records, Chris founded Mind Altering Records in 2005.

You can read a more extensive bio here.