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Mama Africa: Sistahs of the Drum and Adwoa Kudoto and the DrumGhana and Dance Ensemble

Doors at 7:30 pm; Show at 8:00 pm




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Sistahs of the Drum

We are students and teachers, listeners and communicators, consumers and creators, protectors and nurtures, friends and lovers.  We drum from the heart, for the heart, to the heart, and with our heart.  Absorbing the teachings of West African rhythms, songs, and dances.  Sistahs of the Drum respectfully represent the essence of our traditional African roots in harmony with our African-American cultural rearing.  The resulting sound is from somewhere deep within; playing through us and resonating with you.  

Current members are: Mar Stevens, Sandy Mills, Charlene Gumbs, Shawn Nealy-Oparah, La Tanya Carmical, Mya Jonisha Cross, and Nina Roberts

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Adwoa Kudoto and the DrumGhana and Dance Ensemble 

The group is led by Adwoa Kudoto, the award winning only Versatile Female Master Drummer in Ghana(1999 to present).Adwoa is from Cape Coast,Ghana. She has been teaching and performing since the age of 13. Growing up in Ghana, drumming was considered a taboo for women but with her passion and perseverance in pursuing and learning ,she has been able to break down the barriers and misconceptions surrounding women drumming in Ghana. Adwoa is very passionate about drumming and has travelled all over the world teaching in Sweden,Denmark,Germany and of course the USA. Adwoa embraces everyone on different levels of drum experience. She believes drumming to be healing and one that brings us all together in love. Adwoa and her group will take you through a night of traditional Ghanaian Drumming, Dance, Storytelling and Songs.