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Silk Road Storytelling - Afghan Folk Tales and Folk Music

Doors at 6:30 pm; Storytelling at 7:00 pm

Tickets are $15 Advance / $20 Day of Show

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Join us for an evening of oral storytelling and traditional music from the mountains of Afghanistan! Rabab player Maruf Noyoft and storytellers Jeff Byers, Tim Ereneta, and Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo (of Eth-Noh-Tec) will weave together folktales, legends, and ancient melodies and open a window into the traditional cultures of Afghanistan.

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Maruf Noyoft

Maruf Noyoft is a native of Tajikistan. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in music from Tajikistan’s University of Art and Culture. As a child, Maruf loved visiting his grand-father who lived deep in the mountainous Badakhshan province of Tajikistan. His grandfather’s storytelling sparked a love for music, theater and film in Maruf’s heart. After graduating from university, Maruf began his trial in film making. Starting first as an actor in local TV shows and films, he eventually found his way to a film-editor’s seat in a small film studio in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan. With a love for storytelling and a passion for music, Maruf brings them in his filmmaking. Maruf now works and resides in the Bay Area with his family and is always happy to share his culture through music. 

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Tim Ereneta

Storyteller Tim Ereneta of Berkeley, California, connects ancient stories to modern day life, as he shares classic and forgotten fairy tales with audiences of all ages—but especially adults. He's told stories on stages from Washington, DC, to Chennai, India, performing in theaters, art museums, camps, churches, and nightclubs. A playwright and actor, Tim brings 25 years of theatrical experience to his performances.

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Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo

Growing up in the late 60′s with a Japanese and Filipino American heritage, Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo was provided with a rich cultural environment from which to explore the creation of an Asian American identity. His music background as a songwriter and composer, his interest and talents in Asian ethnic music, dance and theater, and his innate comedic ability merged with his social and political philosophy to place Robert in the exciting art form of storytelling. Synthesizing the spoken word with kinetic sensibilities, interlacing music to create interludes and atmosphere, and engaging his audiences into playful participation, integrates all of the elements Robert values for conveying his philosophy through performance.

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Jeff Byers

Jeff Byers is a storyteller and storytelling teacher at the Asian Art Museum. He also tells stories in classrooms from first grade to UC Berkeley, and in various performance venues, including the San Francisco Theater Festival, The Magic Theatre, the Chicago Calling Arts Festival, Ashby Stage, and Tell It On Tuesday.!