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Songs to the Female Orishas - Song Workshop by Bobi Cespedes
4:00 PM16:00

Songs to the Female Orishas - Song Workshop by Bobi Cespedes


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As part of the Maestra Series, renowned singer and folklorist Bobi Céspedes returns to Ashkenaz to lead another workshop on the chants to the female deities found in the Yoruba spiritual tradition known as Lucumí in Cuba. The Orisha represent divine forces manifested through nature and are summoned through music, song and dance. Bobi is one of the very few female akpwóns (lead singer of the Lucumí ceremonial music), providing a remarkable opportunity to learn from a distinguished priestess and elder in the tradition. Bobi will supplement what she covered in last year’s popular class by including different chants and Orishas, such as Oyá, a female warrior representing the wind. This workshop is suited for both practitioners and those interested in Cuban music since the influence of Orisha music permeates Cuban popular music and dance. No previous experience necessary. The chants are sung in a call and response pattern, giving everyone the opportunity to join in praise of the feminine goddesses of nature.

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Women's History Month Series Kick-Off Party and Maestra Jam
9:00 PM21:00

Women's History Month Series Kick-Off Party and Maestra Jam

Doors at 8:30 pm; Show at 9:00 pm

Tickets are $5 Advance  
$10 - $50 Sliding Scale at the Door

Maestra Series Packages $48 - $150

Women's Jam & Fundraiser for the Maestra Series!
Hosted by Shelley Doty (guitar and vocals), Angeline Saris (bass) and Denise Martin.

Open jam sign up, all genders welcome.

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April 7th - the Anzanga Marimba Ensemble

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Shelley Doty is known for her masterful guitar licks, soulful voice and charismatic stage presence. Her original tunes are sprinkled with respect for the music of her youth (rock, R&B, jazz, funk), and are sung and played with an authentic raw energy that cuts through the air with jubilant imagination and freshness. In addition to performing and recording her own material, Shelley is a versatile lead guitarist . As well as fronting her own band the Shelley Doty X-tet, she currently spends much of her time playing with Skip The Needle (featuring Vicki Randle, Kofy Brown and Katie Colpitts). Shelley was one of the founders of jamband legends Jambay, and has played with and recorded CDs withl Bonfire Madigan, Pyeng Threadgill, Gina Breedlove, Dawn Richardson (of 4NonBlondes) and Cris Williamson among many others. Her musical range runs the gamut from tender acoustic music, to raucous kinetic electric Funk Rock, and as a musician, Shelley Doty is well respected as one of the preeminent guitarists in the Bay Area and beyond.

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Denise Martin began playing drums at age 16 and was touring the US, Asia and Europe before her 20th birthday with legendary artist, Merl Saunders. She went on to tour with several artists including Sony recording artist, Eric Martin. She inked endorsement deals with Paiste cymbals, Regal Tip sticks and Evans heads early on in her career and was welcomed at NAMM show with a life-sized display of her promo photo for the “Women of Paiste” booth. Denise has recorded major label albums and several indie releases as well as sessions for commercials, soundtracks and various online projects.



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One minute of Angeline Saris' low-end thumping coming at you and you’ll know she is just as much beast as beauty. She is a monstrous talent and has the schedule to prove it. In the last year alone, Angeline recorded 2 albums and toured with the Narada Michael Walden Band, rocked the stage with Santana when he joined Narada’s band at their most recent show, joined forces with reggae and ska legend Ernest Ranglin, laid down some serious shredding bass on Gretchen Menn’s album Hale Souls (and works regularly as her touring bassist), recorded 4 instructional DVD’s for Hal Leonard as well as a demo video for GHS strings, joined the all-female Led Zeppelin tribute band Zepparella and continues to moonlight as a hired gun in the studio and for local shows. 
Angeline has worked as an instructor at the National Guitar Workshop and continues to teach private lessons in Northern California to a small group of students, covering a wide curriculum of techniques tailored for each student. “I love watching my students learn. There is nothing quite like seeing their faces light up when they nail a new bass part. Plus, I feel teaching is an important part of my own growth as a musician.” 

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Tito y Su Son de Cuba
9:00 PM21:00

Tito y Su Son de Cuba

Doors at 8:30 pm; Show at 9 pm 

Eventbrite - Tito y Su Son de Cuba

Ticket Price $12 Advance/$15 Day of Performance

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Tito leads his band dedicated to playing authentic Cuban traditional dance music: rumba, guaracha, and son montuno, pioneered by such greats as Arsenio Rodriguez and later revived by Buena Vista Social Club. Before moving to America, Tito played and sang in several of the great Cuban bands – including a Rodriguez tribute group assembled by Arsenio’s daughter.

Heriberto “Tito” Gonzalez explains, “Since I was a child I’ve been in music and I’ve always loved it. The music, and especially El Son, is part of my being.” Tito, who now lives in Richmond, sings and plays the Cuban tres guitar that drives the sound of the son, leading a band that includes percussion and horns in shows at clubs and festivals around the Bay. Music is a mix of son classics and tunes from the band’s 2005 self-titled debut CD and 2010’s “Al Doblar La Esquina.”

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