Global Cultures for Kids 

The "Global Cultures for Kids" series is funded by the Alameda County Arts Commission and the Bill Graham Memorial Foundation. "Global Culture for Kids" is a performance series featuring music, dance, and storytelling from cultural/folkloric traditions from around the world.





Sewam American Indian Dance 

Sunday, August 13

Sewam American Indian Dance was founded by Eddie Madril, an award-winning dancer and educator.  Sewam Dance brings the music, arts and culture of Native American dance to audiences around the world. Specializing in the dances of United States Plains Indians, Sewam Dance has performed across the country and internationally, inspiring audiences and sharing the power and beauty of Native American people.


Betsayda Machado

Saturday, September 2

Betsayda Machado is one of the most representative singers in Venezuelan music today. Her mastery on several Afro-Caribbean rhythms and the strength of her voice have made her share the stage with the biggest stars in Venezuela, brining traditional elements to their music.



Sunday, September 3

Asheba is a musical storyteller who specializes in calypso, the folkloric oral tradition of his homeland of Trinidad. Stories of hope and happiness are the focus of his songs, which range from original lullabies to fast tempo tunes to remakes of classics such as You Are My Sunshine.


Dia de Los Muertos with Martin Espino

Sunday, October 29

Martin Espino is a Mexican-American musician and composer of indigenous Yaqui and Tepehuano ancestry from Whittier, California. He is best known for performing authentic pre-hispanic music with his band MEXIKA. Espino spent over twenty five years researching pre-hispanic musical instruments and performed with many indigenous musicians from Mexico, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. Espino's musical inspiration comes directly from traditional Native American/Mexican music as well as ambient improvisations.