If you believe in the power of music and dance to foster understanding and develop communities, please consider joining our Board of Directors! We are bringing on people who are willing to advocate within their own networks and invite new participants to Ashkenaz’s mission of fostering intercultural understanding and friendship through music and dance.

Ashkenaz Music & Dance Community Center is an all-ages venue that presents concerts, classes, and workshops of participatory dance and music rooted in traditional cultures from around the world. We are committed to providing a great place to dance that supports local and international bands of both established and emerging artists in a respectful, comfortable, safe, family atmosphere. Through this we build friendship and culturally inclusive community that encourages social awareness, education, and dedication to fairness, honor, and equality.

We are looking for strong ambassadors for the organization, who understand Ashkenaz’s history and what’s possible for the present and future based on that foundation. Our audience and donor numbers are gradually increasing, and we’ve just completed our 3rd year of meeting budget goals without a deficit - although neither do we have a large surplus. We are now working towards ensuring long-term stability with an endowment fund, for which a $250,000 match has already been secured.

• Ambassadors who can invite people to support our mission
• Passionate leaders who aren't afraid to ask their friends and colleagues to support a cause
• Resourceful charmers who can bring new sponsorships and corporate connections
• Music and Dance lovers with positive influence in the Bay Area arts community

Once per month board meetings: last Monday of the month 7pm-9pm

We are particularly looking for a strong Board Secretary, who can keep the Board on task

Commitment to one committee, with various levels of commitment:

  • Development Committee: ongoing calls and correspondence with Executive Director to identify board and donor prospects and plan for outreach, once or twice a year event planning.

  • Finance Committee: we need a strong Board Treasurer with experience in organizational-level financial planning, including interfacing with a portfolio manager while building our endowment

  • Facilities Committee: works closely with Executive Director and Finance Committee for long-term and big-ticket facilities planning

The Ashkenaz Board of Directors is the Leadership body of the organization responsible for ensuring financial stability and legal compliance. If you are interested in actively bringing new energy and resources to a beloved nonprofit venue in Berkeley, please contact Executive Director Brandi Brandes: brandi@ashkenaz.com


Ashkenaz is a 501(c)3 organization. The business was founded in 1973, and the 501(c)3 status was awarded in 1996. 

We present performances Tuesday through Sunday, and classes 7 days a week. 

Performance Calendar                Class Calendar

Annual performance attendance:

2015:    30,958    
2016:    29,179
2017:    30,687
2018:    33,266

Annual Budget/Actuals: 2014 - 2019

The organization’s Executive Director is in her 4th year. After periods of staff change, facilities improvements, program development, and branding and marketing strategy, Ashkenaz is now entering a phase of focus on board development and fundraising.