Your Ashkenaz performance will be most successful if we work together to promote it.

Ashkenaz handles quite a bit of legwork, there's much you can do (see below), and ALL of it can be used to promote to our audiences, your audiences, and new audiences. 



  • Promoted in weekly and genre targeted emails to our 5000+ email list.
  • Inclusion on the Ashkenaz monthly grid calendar displayed at club and distributed in the Berkeley/Oakland area
  • Poster/Handbills created and displayed at the venue. *(see Additional Promotion section for more info)
  • Facebook events created on the Ashkenaz Facebook page. (10,000+ fans) 
  • We will play your music at shows with similar genres, and announce your event at these shows. 
  • We update local radio stations on Ashkenaz performances on an ongoing basis
  • Listing in the following calendars:
    All shows:
    Spingo (online calendars for SFGate, Oakland Tribune, ContraCosta Times)

    Eastbay Express online and print calendar
    San Francisco Weekly online and print calendars

    Additional for African shows:
    San Francisco Bay View
    The Registry Bay Area

    Additional for Reggae shows:
    Northern California Reggae Calendar

    Kids shows and some cultural shows:
    Bay Area Family Calendar (Parents Press)
    Red Tricycle

    Additional for Swing shows:
    Lindy List

    Additoinal for Salsa shows:
    Latin Bay Area
    Salsa by the Bay

    Additional for Tango shows:

The shows that are promoted through these limited outlets are selected by Ashkenaz staff based on alliance with the Ashkenaz mission and possible attendance numbers.

  • Social Media Ads
  • Local and regional media outreach via press releases
  • Ticket giveaways
  • Radio interviews and performances


Send the following to right away:

  1. Current artist/band bio

  2. Color digital photo in .jpeg format 300 dpi or a link to a hi-res to download (if we don't already have it or it needs updating)

  3. Mp3 of at least one track you prefer to use to promote your music/shows or a link to SoundCloud or music on your site.

  4. Link to one video you prefer to use to promote your music/shows

  5. Link to your website or band page

  6. Newsworthy information about yourself and your music, including details on any cultural traditions that relate to your work. 

  7. A press release for your Ashkenaz performance

You will be receiving an email from Larry Kelp ( who writes our promotional copy  for our website and press releases. Please respond to him ASAP so we can get the best possible promotion out for you. He does great work. Many Ashkenaz performers end up using his writing beyond their Ashkenaz performance. 

Publish your Ashkenaz show date on your website and all social media pages, and include the Ashkenaz ticket link where you can.

Like Ashkenaz social media pages, and then like/share/retweet/favorite posts related to your show. Tag Ashkenaz in your social media posts so we can also like/share/retweet/favorite your postings. This is the key to getting maximum reach for social media posts. 

Communicate to your email list and social media fans/followers about your performance at Ashkenaz, and include the Ashkenaz ticket link.

Contact local media, and ask them to cover your show. Let us know who you contact (so we can support your efforts) and let us know If there are specific Bay Area journalists or DJ's who have covered your work before.

 If you are on BandsinTown or other band websites, please put your Ashkenaz show on your calendar.


*Additional Promotion:

Please coordinate with Ashkenaz at least three weeks in advance of your performance if you would like additional copies of the Ashkenaz-designed poster to distribute yourself or through our distribution team. Printing and distribution costs will be subtracted from band payout as a house expense. 

Additional Posters: $0.75 each for 100 or fewer, $0.65 for more than 100
Postering: $0.50 each
Handbills: $0.20 each
Handbill Distribution: $20 per route (view routes on our Street Team volunteer site)

If you'd like flyers of your own design displayed at Ashkenaz or distributed via our street team, they MUST include the Ashkenaz name and logo.

Please check with Ashkenaz at least one month in advance of your performance if you'd like to discuss additional online or print advertising (costs vary)