Executive Director
Brandi Brandes

House Manager
Larry Chin

Program Curator
Brandi Brandes

Program Curator:

Max Lopez

Production Manager
Chris Miner

Studio Manager
Kathy Reyes


Door & Security
Edwin Thaxter
Solomon Tyrell

Café Staff
Emily Earl, Café Manager
Renee Chin
Meli Georgiades

Terry Turney
Angelo Lafranco

Sound Engineers
Joe Balestreri
Max Lopez
Chris Miner


Board of Directors

Ashkenaz Board of Directors
Chris Ullsperger, President
Kwanzaa Medani, Vice President
Francine Sosa-Lewis, Treasurer
Emily Earl, Secretary
Larry Chin
Brian Rodvien
Kathy Reyes

Role of the Board
The role of the Ashkenaz Board of Directors is to provide governance, establish policy, work to bring in needed financial resources, and create the vision for the future of Ashkenaz.
* attend Board meetings on the third Monday evening of the month
* actively participate in at least one working Board committee, contributing their ideas, time and skills
* actively participate, in a variety of ways, in the work of Ashkenaz’s fundraising program
* attend Ashkenaz events
* advocate for and publicize Ashkenaz

Attend a Board Meeting
The public is welcome at Ashkenaz Board Meetings, usually held at Ashkenaz on the third Monday of every other month (fourth Monday in January and February). Meetings take place in the Green Room at 7:00 pm. From 7:15 to 7:30 pm, members of the public are welcome to make open comment.

Find Out About Becoming A Board Member
 The Ashkenaz Board of Directors is seeking committed, qualified community members with a passion for Ashkenaz to help build the future of Ashkenaz!

The Ashkenaz Board of Directors serves the Ashkenaz community in accordance with the Ashkenaz mission, works for the well-being and growth of Ashkenaz, reflects the diversity of the community that uses it, and the broader community of which it is a part.

Skills and Experience
Some of the desirable (but not necessary) skills and qualifications are:

* Fundraising skills, including annual fund campaigns, proposal writing, special event planning
* Business and financial advisors
* Connections in the community that support outreach and fundraising efforts
* Nonprofit management experience
* Legal advisors
* Marketing and PR experience, graphic skills
* Supporter of David Nadel’s vision for Ashkenaz
* Sound and lighting technical skills
* Computer and website technical skills
* A sense of humor!

Our Recruitment Process
If this sounds interesting, fulfilling, and enticing to you, you are encouraged to attend board meetings, and to volunteer in some capacity for two to three months. Dialogue with the Board about your thoughts, questions, and interest during this time. Provide a resume and conflict-of-interest disclosure statement to the Board. You may be invited to participate in a conversation with the Board about your directorship. The Board votes on a candidate’s directorship. New Board members will partner with a board “buddy” for ongoing orientation.

For more information, please contact Brandi Brandes, Executive Director 

Thank you for your interest in supporting Ashkenaz’s mission!

ashkenaz advisory council

Diane Winter

Mitch Fine