When you decide to volunteer at Ashkenaz, you decide to join a wonderful community of individuals who are dedicated to promoting peace and understanding through music and dance. Volunteers enjoy perks like coming to shows for free, and learning about the Bay Area world Music Scene

To get started, please email your name & volunteer interest to publicity at ashkenaz.com. 

Here are descriptions of some of the tasks we often need volunteers to assist us with:

Calendar Distribution (Immediate need)
As a monthly calendar distribution volunteer, you will distribute our calendars to 15-20 local spots (coffee shops/restaurants/businesses/libraries etc) on a monthly basis and help us maintain our location database by filling out a simple route sheet. Occasionally volunteers are also asked to help develop a route. Ideal distributors will be outgoing, have transportation or a love of walking, and enjoy talking up Ashkenaz!

Street Team
The Ashkenaz Street Team is a group of outgoing individuals who are active in the Bay Area music scenes. Joining the Street Team involves handing out flyers at our shows and events around town within in similar genres Ashkenz presents. We ask that you help at least once a month to stay involved and connected.

Special Events/Evening Volunteers
Occasionally we have a need for volunteers during our evening performances, to sell merchandise, table, or help out with special events. We also have tabling and outreach opportunities at other events like the Solano Stroll, Berkeley World Music Festival, and in house fundraisers.

Office Volunteer
 We often have office projects that we need a hand with. These are far and wide and range from preparing mailings, designing excel sheets, filing, CD database management, online listings and other ever exciting administrative tasks. If paper is your forte, think about helping out in the office on a monthly or weekly basis! There’s always plenty to do.

Maintenance & Special Projects
Love to paint? Revarnish floors? Shingle roofs? Unclog toilets? (just kidding—sort of). Let us know and we’ll keep you on a list of people we call for community days where we get a group together to make Ashkenaz a little brighter or the roof a little tighter!

Special Skills
Are you an artist, a thinker, a tinkerer, computer guru, massage therapist or a connoisseur of some other specialty and would you like to offer your services to the greater Ashkenaz good? Tell us all about it! 

If you have any questions about our Volunteer Program, please contact volunteer@ashkenaz.com.