We have to be honest - we can be hard to reach sometimes. There are a small number of us curating, promoting and producing 300+ shows per year. The best way to reach us is to email the person in charge of your specific need - more detail below!

Ashkenaz Music & Dance Community Center | 1317 San Pablo Avenue  |  Berkeley, CA 94702

Office: 510-525-5099  |  Fax: 510-525-3630  |  Showline: 510-525-5054  |  Office hours 2pm–7pm pm Monday–Friday

General Inquiries: 

Booking or Rental Inquiries: see  Booking page or Rental page

Concert Production: chris at

Invoicing, Billing, Operations: bookkeeper at

Lost & Found: lostandfound at

Publicity Inquiries, Website, Ticketing, Volunteering: publicity at

ticket sales

Advance tickets are available at EVENTBRITE.  Advance prices are available through the day before the show. 

Advance tickets for all of our events are also available at Ashkenaz, with no service charge, during our office hours (ring the doorbell,  you will buzzed in through the ground-level door on the left) and whenever we are open for evening shows.