Ashkenaz presents 300+ performances each year, featuring musicians from the Bay Area to the Bible Belt, from Jamaica to Syria, from Tuva to Venezuela, from Argentina to Turkey, and East and West again across hemispheres all year.

We brought generations together on the dance floor, honored the culture-bearers of Africa, Europe, the Americas, and the Caribbean, and shone a spotlight on generation-next creative work in Tuvan throat-singing, Appalachian Bluegrass, Cuban Jazz, Chilean Folk Songs, Zimbabwean Shona music, and so much more.

Thank you for helping us bring folks together in this little house that happens to have the best dance floor in the Bay.

This year, we need to raise $30,000 to meet 2019 budget goals that help us continue this momentum, address key seismic retrofitting needs for our beloved old building, and invest in music and dance development programs like the Cajun/Zydeco jam session, the Ashkenaz World Cultures Children’s Choir, rehearsal/performance residencies like the Mafaro eZimbabwe Zimbabwean Choir, and more opportunities to uplift and showcase the incredible diversity and talent of the Bay Area.

Your donation of any amount will be recognized on our website, donations of $100 or more will receive 2 free passes to any non-benefit performance, and donations of $500 or more will be thanked in a framed poster hanging in the dance hall.

THANK YOU for being a part of our mission to foster intercultural understanding and friendship through music and dance. Dancing together is good medicine for our times.


To contribute by mail or phone, contact us at:
Ashkenaz Music & Dance Community Center | 1317 San Pablo Avenue | Berkeley, CA 94702
PHONE: 510-525-5099 | OFFICE HOURS Monday -Friday 12:30-5:30

legacy gifts

Please consider including Ashkenaz in your estate planning.